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ELGIN — In one second-grade classroom at Harriet Gifford Elementary School here, a group of girls spelled words for Principal Joe Corcoran — words like “thunder.” “Thunnn-derrr,” Corcoran sounded out the word for the girls. Another group of boys took turns reading a story with teacher Gregorio Posada about a snowman melting in the sun. “Kids will come with different levels of proficiency,” Posada said. “You try to help them where they are.” The students are in Elgin School District U46’s English as a Second Language, or ESL, program in which they spend part of their day in Posada’s bilingual classroom. When they closed their “Moving into English” textbooks, they moved back into Spanish for matemáticas, counting out yellow blocks to complete subtraction problems the teacher had written on an overhead projector. Gifford is one of 29 elementary schools in District U46 that now have Transitional Bilingual Education programming in place. Next school year, those 29 schools will move to a dual language model for its Spanish-speaking students, U46 announced recently. Of those, six schools also will join Channing Memorial Elementary School in Elgin in offering a “two-way” dual language enrichment program for both English- and Spanish-speaking students. For the rest of the story, visit The Courier-News.

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U46 Elementary Schools Boosting Dual Language Programs (Sun-Times Media)


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