On Religion, The Media and Life as a 20-something in Chicago

CHICAGO — Before Elgin School District U46 created a student assignment plan for its schools in 2004, then-U46 board President Karen Carney said the district had done what she called “patchwork-quilting the boundaries.” Testimony Tuesday by Carney and current board President Ken Kaczynski in the racial bias lawsuit trial against U46 characterized those boundary changes as an opportunity to set boundaries for the long term as the Elgin school district prepared to open six new elementary schools, rather than adjust them each year as U46 grew. “We felt this was an opportunity for the first time to look at everybody,” Carney said. But the suit, filed by 14 plaintiffs in 2006, alleges that the school boundary changes discriminated against black and Hispanic students. And Phase One of the trial, currently before Judge Robert W. Gettleman in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago, argues that discrimination came by assigning minority students to overcrowded schools. For the rest of the story, visit The Courier-News.

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U46: ‘Mobiles’ don’t mean ‘overcrowded’ (Sun-Times Media)


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