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In Uncategorized on May 22, 2011 at 2:43 pm

is feeling so, so blessed… and waiting for it all to feel real. Catch you on the flip side… #mcmillion #wedding


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RT @pourmecoffee: ‘Twas the night before rapture, when all through the net. Not a lame joke was left, which had not been told yet.

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I’m going to count holding a 40-pound dress over my head for a half-hour waiting for @joelemiller to rescue me as my excercise for the day.

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…I’d like to thank @julesdoyle for force-feeding me wonton soup and mystery-mint brownies!

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Here’s some @joelemiller first aid for you: He read online to pour honey on a burn and wrap it in plastic wrap. http://twitpic.com/4xmxhl

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My trainer said I look good. A week from the #wedding, I’ll take it! (@ XSport Fitness) http://4sq.com/jcy2XQ

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Where my new best friend just asked, “Are you the Readers’ Reporter?” And even knew my name. http://4sq.com/j9YaRa

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Somebody in the newsroom just realized the world is ending May 21. Clearly, I’m doing a poor job proselytizing. #facepalm

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is now a proud member of @headlineclub. 🙂

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What about a video camera with a tripod? Or just a tripod? I have the camera. Anybody have one of those I can borrow? #mcmillion #wedding