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Most certainly what I plan to do: http://t.co/crp0vRv Paul McCartney – Dance Tonight #gettingsoexcited #fb


I added myself on Muck Rack. But, let’s face it, I’m not one of the 500 most followed journalists on any social network. ;)  muckrack:
Over two years ago Muck Rack launched the definitive list of journalists on Twitter. Now we’ve assembled a list of journalists on Google+ by going through the 500 most followed journalists we’ve verified on Muck Rack. It so happened 140 (an omen?) of those 500 were on Google+. If you need link bait you could even extrapolate that to mean 28% of journalists on Twitter have joined Google+.  Anyhow, here’s the list. We’ll be updating it, so if you’re a journalist let us know your Google+ profile link. Sign up for the Muck Rack Daily or follow@MuckRack if you want to know when we make updates. Soon we’ll integrate this into the main MuckRack.com site. Update 7/27: We’ve started to add additional journalists on request breaking the 140 limit. +Chris Hardwick, Wired +David Pogue, New York Times +Nicholas Kristof, New York Times +Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post +Jenna Wortham, New York Times +Leo Laporte +Susan Orlean, The New Yorker +Paul Kedrosky, Bloomberg News +Cali Lewis +Alexandra Levit +Jake Tapper, ABC News +Darren Rovell, CNBC +Dave Ramsey +Jim MacMillan +Ezra Klein, Newsweek +Carl Zimmer +Brian Stelter, New York Times +Nick Bilton, New York Times +Alexis Madrigal, The Atlantic +Jemele Hill, ESPN +Cindy Boren, Washington Post +Jim Long, NBC News +Ali Velshi, CNN +Clayton Morris, Fox News +Hiroko Tabuchi, New York Times +Simon Dumenco, Advertising Age +Harry McCracken +Lance Ulanoff, PCMag.com +Alan Sepinwall +Felix Salmon, Reuters +Ben Parr, Mashable +John Markoff, New York Times +Jennifer 8. Lee +Steven Levy, Wired +Jemima Kiss, Guardian +Adam Ostrow, Mashable +Rick Klein, ABC News +Brad Stone, Bloomberg BusinessWeek +Josh Marshall +Caroline McCarthy, Google’s Think Quarterly +Charles Arthur, Guardian +Kristie Lu Stout, CNN +Julie Banderas, Fox News +Rachel Sklar, Mediaite +Jason Snell, Macworld +Mathew Ingram +Christina Warren, Mashable +Danger Room, Wired +Rachel Sterne +Marc Ambinder, National Journal +James Altucher +Taegan Goddard +Jessica Vascellaro, Wall Street Journal +Jason Hiner, TechRepublic +Alan Colmes, Fox News +Kurt Andersen, Public Radio International +Katie Boehret, Wall Street Journal +Marilyn Terrell +Jack Schofield, Guardian +Rebecca Skloot +Danielle Dellorto, CNN +Patrick LaForge, New York Times +Kim Segal, CNN +Becky Worley, ABC News +Kat Kinsman, CNN +John Siracusa, Ars Technica +Mark Glaser, PBS +Dwight Silverman, Houston Chronicle +Kevin Anderson +Bill Daley, Chicago Tribune +Lindsay Jones, Denver Post +Mo Ryan, AOL +Virginia Heffernan, New York Times +Christina Bellantoni +Arash Markazi, ESPN +Derrick Goold, St. Louis Post-Dispatch +Steve Silberman +Farhad Manjoo, Slate +Julio Ojeda-Zapata +Joanna Stern +Carolyn Kellogg, LA Times +Dan Frommer +Rhodri Marsden, Independent +Peter Hamby, CNN +David Bradley +Ari Melber, The Nation +Conor Pope, Irish Times +Steve Inskeep, NPR +Saul Hansell, AOL +Stephen Shankland, CNET +Elizabeth Holmes, Wall Street Journal +Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star +Errol Barnett, CNN +Anthony De Rosa, Reuters +Jennifer Leo, LA Times +John Carney, CNBC +Catherine Rampell, New York Times +Jason Pontin, Technology Review +Ellen McGirt, Fast Company +Margaret Brennan, Bloomberg News +Ed Yong +Clive Thompson, New York Times +Brian X. Chen, Wired +Herb Greenberg, CNBC +Bianna Golodryga, ABC News +Adrian Weckler +Jason Chen, Gizmodo +Mark Morford, San Francisco Chronicle +Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica +Larry Dignan, TechRepublic +Dan Patterson, ABC News +Andrew DeVigal, New York Times +Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail +Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider +Amanda Terkel, Huffington Post +Adam Feuerstein +Michael Krigsman, ZDNet +Joanna Geary, Times of London +Stephen Baker +Joel Johnson, Gizmodo +Ron Charles, Washington Post +Mike Madden +Ray Wert +Evelyn Rusli, New York Times +Marc Gunther, Fortune +Rob Pegoraro +Chris Nuttall, Financial Times +Adam Lashinsky, Fortune +Liz Heron, New York Times +Jonathan Dube +Alissa Walker +Mark Milian, CNN +Dylan Tweney, Wired +Kit Eaton, Fast Company +Lydia Polgreen, New York Times +Shane Richmond, Telegraph +Gillian Shaw, Vancouver Sun +Elizabeth Tenety, Washington Post +Craig Kanalley, Huffington Post +Amy-Mae Elliott, Mashable +Brenna Ehrlich, Mashable +Brian Anthony Hernandez, Mashable +Charlie White, Mashable +Christina Warren, Mashable +Emily Banks, Mashable +Erica Swallow, Mashable +Jennifer Van Grove, Mashable +Josh Catone, Mashable +Lauren Drell, Mashable +Lauren Indvik, Mashable +Matt Silverman, Mashable +Sarah Kessler, Mashable +Stan Schroeder, Mashable +Todd Wasserman, Mashable +Zachary Sniderman, Mashable 

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Journalists on Google+

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I’m gearing up for Sunday. Oh, yes. I’ll be there: Paul McCartney plays Wrigley Field http://t.co/idCIoVm via @chicagotribune

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Scarier than the guns? The news judgment. @cbs2chicago edited story so boy says he wants a gun. He wants to be a cop: http://t.co/Kpm1a00

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D300’s White House reception postponed (Sun-Times Media)

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has heard legend of the Krispy Kreme burger—not sure I could do it. 😛 RT @julesdoyle We need to go to there. #NYStateFair #donutburger

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Emily & Joel were married on 5.22.11 at their church in Bucktown, followed by an amazingly gorgeous reception at Promontory Point. There were saint candles (yes, saint candles), succulents, billy balls, Mexican banners, s’mores… and more. One of my favorite weddings to date!

Source: Sweet Pea Wedding Studio on Facebook

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Funny and sad and true.


Detail from This is Why Your Newspaper is Dying by Brad Colbow

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Carpentersville-area D300 predicts balanced budget (Sun-Times Media)

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I’m here to see some relics. Yes, really! (@ St. John Vianney Parish) http://4sq.com/qkll2w