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Maybe smart is the new sexy as in before, everybody wanted to be considered sexy; now, everybody wants to be considered smart?

Whatever. Buy a newspaper.


Going for the Rebrand, Maybe Not So Much for the Win

The Newspaper Association of America is out with a new marketing campaign with the ad above being tested in eight markets across the country.

Writing in Editor & Publisher, Gretchen Peck gives the campaign a thumbs up, stating that it tells the story of a dynamic industry that’s “not dead”.

“Literally, everyone at the agency, everyone on our committee, and then everyone on the board had a 100-percent positive reaction to that headline,” says Donna Barrett, president and CEO of Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. about the new “Smart is the new sexy” motto. “It sets a fun new tone for [the industry]. Who doesn’t want to be perceived as both smart and sexy? And if you can tie the two together? All the better!”

But can we get a copy editor in the room?

As Chris Rovzar writes in New York Magazine, the “X is the new Y” construction does not mean that both X and Y still hold. It means Y has been supplanted:

“Smart is the new sexy” means that smart has replaced sexy as… the thing that people want to be? I guess? It doesn’t mean “smart IS sexy.” It means that smart and sexy are two very distinct things that actually can’t co-exist because one’s toppling the other. So you’re deciding to be smart instead of sexy. Which is fine! But not what these people are trying to say.

Maybe the copy editors were canned in a newsroom consolidation.

Source: Editor & Publisher | New York Magazine.


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