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ELGIN — High school students in Elgin School District U46 will be picked up by school buses at nearby elementary and middle schools this coming school year, the district announced Thursday. That’s a transportation plan U46 never has tried before, according to spokesman Tony Sanders. But cutting most neighborhood bus stops for high school students will save Illinois’ second-largest district between $750,000 and $1.25 million in the 2011-12 school year, as the state continues to cut education spending, particularly for transportation. “The state of Illinois currently owes our district $5 million in transportation reimbursement from last school year, and the governor’s recent reductions to the state’s spending plan will reduce our funding by at least $2.5 million next year,” U46 Chief Operations Officer Jeff King said Thursday in a written statement. “Cumulatively, through cuts in funding and late payments to school districts, we have lost $20 million in the past four years.” For the rest of the story, visit The Courier-News.

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State funding cuts force U46 to change high school bus stops (Sun-Times Media)


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