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ELGIN — The best viewing of the Perseid meteor shower will be Friday night, with the moon at your back, according to Peggy Hernandez, School District U46’s planetarium teacher. She modeled what the sky will look like late Friday night on the dome of the Elgin School District U46 observatory and planetarium, using the Star Lamp that’s been part of the building at 312 Watch St. since the 1960s. But the light that flickered briefly across the dome Wednesday evening wasn’t a shooting star, nor was it part of her demonstration, Hernandez said. “That’s one of the drawbacks to adding a projector to the dome — you get some weird reflections from time to time,” she said. About 200 people turned out Wednesday night for the debut of the planetarium’s new digital projector. U46 had planned two screenings that night of a short educational film about telescopes called “Two Pieces of Glass,” shown in 360 degrees on the planetarium’s dome using the new projector. It quickly added a third as lines stretched out the door and down to the sidewalk after the planetarium was filled for the second show. For the rest of the story, visit The Courier-News.

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U46 planetarium reaches new heights with new digital projector (Sun-Times Media)


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