On Religion, The Media and Life as a 20-something in Chicago

I’ve already eaten my way through the Kane County Fair — twice. But when it came to the Illinois State Fair, which ends today in Springfield, there was only one food, fried or on a stick, I was interested in: Fried Kool-Aid. Fried Kool-Aid made a splash at the beginning of the fair season (which I keep close tabs on, having grown up in Springfield) when it turned up at a California county fair. (It since has been overshadowed by straight-up fried butter, which fascinated reporters following Republican presidential candidates at the Iowa State Fair.) (Click photo to embiggen.) The women behind the Fried What! booth at the Illinois State Fair declined to explain how one fries Kool-Aid — “It is what it is,” one told me this weekend — but “Chicken Charlie,” the California man who claims responsibility for the treat, told TIME he starts with a “thick, sherbet-like mix of the drink powder, flour and water.” That ends up a meatball-looking cake ball sprinkled with powdered sugar that Elginite Gary Percy, who has tried fried Kool-Aid elsewhere, has described on Twitter as smelling of homemade Play-Doh. (Click photo to embiggen.) For the rest of the story, visit The Courier-News’ Between the Bylines blog.

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Eating my way through the Illinois State Fair (Between the Bylines)


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