On Religion, The Media and Life as a 20-something in Chicago

Sure, I could have done the first day flag raising story. But I wanted to give readers a sneak peek at the big issues coming up this school year… ELGIN — Just after 6 a.m. Wednesday, Jacob Ellis and Darion Grant already were circling the foggy Sheridan Elementary School playground, backpacks hanging from their shoulders. Jacob and Darion both are 14 and freshmen this year at Elgin High School, but they were catching the bus there from Sheridan, 510 Franklin Blvd. That’s only about a block from Jacob’s house, but he said he got to the elementary school an hour before his 7:18 a.m. bus, “because I didn’t know where my bus stop was.” Wednesday wasn’t just the first day of class in Elgin School District U46. It also was the first day of Illinois’ second-largest school district’s controversial plan to save money by busing high school students from their nearest elementary or middle schools, rather than from neighborhood bus stops. And, U46 spokesman Tony Sanders said, “Overall, I think it was a very successful day. Kids were in classrooms. They were learning.” For the rest of the story (which includes an arrest and some adorable kindergarteners in U46’s new dual language program), visit The Courier-News.

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First day in U46 has its issues — but busing isn’t one of them (Sun-Times Media)


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