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HOLY COW, YOU GUYS! I didn’t realize the Elgin Paranormal Investigators and I got a FULL COLOR PAGE in today’s Chicago Sun-Times! A happy Halloween, indeed!


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Image description: This photo, circa 1889, shows a ghost scaring two men. From the mid-1800s to early-1900s, “spirit photographs” were popular and easy to fake. Learn more about spirit photographs.

Photo from the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

I once saw an entire exhibit about spirit photography at The Met. Pretty great.

Happy Halloween!

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Trick-or-treat safety tips (Between the Bylines)

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…Here are @Suntimes’ school rankings, based on State Report Card data: fh.suntimes.com/reportcards How did your school do?

ELGIN — In Gia Tummillo’s dual-language classroom Friday at Otter Creek Elementary School, several second-grade students sat at their desks, quietly reading books to themselves. Those books had titles such as “La vida en los océanos” (“Life in the oceans”) and “Una niña llamada Helen Keller” (“A girl named Helen Keller”). Two girls curled up on the floor at the back of the classroom with a bag of books, taking turns reading to each other. Another trio of second-graders sat on brightly colored cushions listening to a book read aloud through bright blue headphones. Still others, all at the same reading level, read with their teacher around a small table. Upstairs, in Katie Stan’s third-grade room, the same scene played out, the titles in English. One boy, sitting near the chalkboard with a stopwatch and word sorting puzzle, plunged two fingers into the air excitedly. Two seconds, Stan explained. He’d been timing himself to see how fast he could complete the puzzle all week. It’s called “The Daily Five,” an hour of independent reading, buddy reading, listening, writing and word study, meant to give students some choices and engage them in reading, according to Otter Creek Principal Jeff Bragg. “One of the biggest pushes for our school and our district has been around literacy,” Bragg said. That push has brought up Otter Creek’s standardized test scores in reading by as much as nearly 10 points at some grade levels. But that’s still not enough for the school to make adequate yearly progress under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. In fact, no Fox Valley school districts made AYP again in 2011, according to State Report Card data made public today by the Illinois State Board of Education. That includes Elgin School District U46, Carpentersville-area Community Unit School District 300, Burlington Central Community School District 301 and St. Charles Community Unit School District 303. For the rest of the story, visit The Courier-News.

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Illinois applies for waiver as no Fox Valley schools make AYP again (Sun-Times Media)

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Good times. 🙂 RT @iamK_Lee Indoor s’mores with Halloween candy at @mcemilywrites scary movie party #allgoodthings http://t.co/ebeI8Li

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More secrets of Munger Road (Between the Bylines)

BARTLETT — The Elgin Paranormal Investigators had been at the railroad crossing on Munger Road here no more than a half-hour on a recent Saturday night when they experienced what investigator Krystiena Kurtz called the stuff of “our worst nightmares.” There were screams from the railroad tracks, all kinds of activity, flashing lights, and then … . “OK, everybody get in the car and leave. This place isn’t haunted. It hasn’t been haunted for 40 years.” … there were the Bartlett police. If the railroad crossing is haunted, as urban legend and the recent locally filmed movie “Munger Road” claim, it is haunted by teenagers. They come out at night, taking pictures, trying to park cars on and along the tracks and shrieking as their tires bounce over the rails. “We’ve seen a huge increase since the movie came out,” Bartlett police Cmdr. Michael McGuigan said. “It was something we anticipated. It was something we expected.” For the rest of the story, visit The Courier-News.

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Secrets of Munger Road (Sun-Times Media)

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“The paranormal was ‘modern myth,’ a replacement for religion.” Interesting column on #Halloween in @StarTribune: http://t.co/o2fUDwA3

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Think Halloween is scary? State Report Cards come out Monday! How schools did last year (w/ references to mythology!) http://t.co/cIH90Wkx