On Religion, The Media and Life as a 20-something in Chicago

ELGIN — The third time was the charm for Angelica Lemus Hendrickson of Gilberts — the third time she was laid off, that is. Hendrickson had more than 20 years of office experience — in insurance, in banking and in mortgages — when she was laid off for the third time in April last year, she said. Honestly, though, she said, “Working in the corporate world was so stressful. I was not happy.” One of the bright spots in Hendrickson’s work day was helping out co-workers who looked unhappy or who, she noticed, rubbed their necks in pain. She’d offer to rub their shoulders, she said. People never complained, she said. In fact, they often asked to meet up on lunch breaks for back rubs — or hinted she had missed her calling, she said. So, she said, “Third time’s a charm. After the third time I got laid off, it’s time for me to be me. It’s time for me to be happy and so something I’m passionate about.” Hendrickson now is one of 705 students who were candidates for commencement at the end of the fall semester from Elgin Community College — she with a certificate in massage therapy, naturally. The semester ended Friday. That’s a slight dip from last fall, when 275 students graduated from the college with university transfer degrees and 539 with certificates, according to Kristophere’ Owens, a spokesman for Elgin Community College. A total 1,320 graduated from the college in May: 568 with university transfer degrees and 751 with certificates, he said. The community college does not yet have official graduate numbers for the just-ended fall semester, as final grades are not due until Monday, Owens said. For the rest of the story, visit The Courier-News. Photo: Dave Shields for Sun-Times Media.

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Kneading a change (Sun-Times Media)


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