On Religion, The Media and Life as a 20-something in Chicago


It's been two months since this happened. (Yes, really.)

Emily McFarlan Miller is an awards-winning education reporter (for Sun-Times Media) and adventurer (in general), a social media-er, a Christian, a Chicagoan and the unlikeliest of newlyweds (in case you couldn’t tell from the photos and the recent sort-of name change).

I studied journalism at New York University, and since then, have gained professional experience across all kinds of media, reporting for newspapers, magazines, cable and network televisions, radio and the Web. You can read more about that on my resume. But the nut graf is I just really like to tell stories.

I also co-founded Hope for the First Nations, a nonprofit that partners with the Anishinaabe of the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, and contribute to Lean Girls Club, a blog “for all women who strive to be fit and lean, not skinny and starving.” But all that is just for fun.

Mostly, I write.

Photo credit: Shauna Bittle


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