On Religion, The Media and Life as a 20-something in Chicago


Here are a few more places I write and do other stuff around the InterWebs:

The Courier-News
This is my full-time gig: I cover education for The Courier-News, the Sun-Times publication in Elgin, Ill. That includes Elgin School District U46 (the second-largest district in Illinois, after Chicago Public Schools), Carpentersville area Community Unit School District 300 (the sixth-largest) and Elgin Community College (the fastest-growing community college in Illinois).

(Also, check out the Courier’s Twitter and Facebook pages and Between the Bylines blog. I do those, too.)

Lean Girls Club
I am a Lean Girl. And by that I mean I am a regular contributor on music mogul Grace Kim’s blog “for all women who strive to be fit and lean, not skinny and starving.” Also, that I lost about 30 pounds at some point in there. 

Hope for the First Nations
My friends and I started a nonprofit, working with the Anishinaabe/Ojibwe/Chippewa of the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota. Our mission: “Partnering with the people of the White Earth Reservation, Hope for the First Nations is building unity through relationships with individuals in the community and sharing the love of Christ in culturally relevant ways.”

Chicago’s 16 Most Eligible Bachelorettes (Chicago Now)
What can I say? I got snapped up pretty quick after making Chicago Now’s list.

That one time when USA Today thought I was an expert on something
Specifically, blogging.

Find The Fanatics In Your Newsroom And Give Them A Mike (PressThink Presents Blue Plate Special)
Or, more specifically again, a blog. 


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