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SOUTH ELGIN — U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin surveyed the display of Raid cans, jars of Miracle Whip and Welch’s jelly, bottles of International Delight coffee creamer and Tide-to-Go sticks at Hoffer Plastics Corp., all made at the South Elgin company. Touring the South Elgin facility Wednesday, he joked, “I’m going to learn something today. The education of a senator is a daunting task.” Durbin’s visit to Hoffer Plastics was one of many he has made across Illinois to hear stories from businesses that are “doing well in the recession and hiring people,” he said. He had just visited Kraft Foods Inc. in Champaign, “where they fill the Miracle Whip bottles,” Durbin said. The senator said he was glad Hoffer was one of the last stops. That’s because part of Hoffer’s story is the WorkKeys assessment, part of the Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce’s Workforce Partnership and 1,000 Workers Skills Initiative. Durbin also took part in a roundtable discussion about that initiative with Hoffer Plastics President William Hoffer, Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain and Elgin Area Chamber President Carol Gieske, among others. Area government, schools, businesses and the United Way of Elgin all are part of the initiative. “This is good. This is good news,” Durbin said. “After all these travels to Danville and all over the state, Macomb and Champaign, all these places I’ve gone, I’m glad this is one of the last stops because you’ve kind of explained to me what we need, and it’s there. We just need a commitment to it.” For the rest of the story, visit The Courier-News.

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Durbin keys in on local efforts at job readiness (Sun-Times Media)


Here’s a look back at how I spent my 2011: Covering Community Unit School District 300’s protest against Sears EDA legislation, from start to finish.

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Sears EDA legislation, from start to finish (Between the Bylines)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=PL81A45E893538CD70&hl=en_US] This was my pick for the Courier’s year-end “Faces of 2011” series. Certainly the biggest story I covered this past year was the battle against legislation to extend the Sears EDA in Community Unit School District 300, part of Superintendent Michael Bregy’s first year at the head of the suburban Chicago school district. Here are some of the videos I took at board meetings and rallies, as well as videos posted by District 300 and the Village of Hoffman Estates, that helped tell that story. To watch this playlist in its entirety (more than an hour-and-a-half!), visit my YouTube channel.

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PLAYLIST: D300 protests Sears EDA legislation